How do I take it?

Historically, in Asia they would brew Kratom in tea, or chew on the leaves. At the Kratom Bar, as a community, we generally like to put it in juice and mix it in a small shaker cup, and drink it similar to a shot.

How much do I take?

For beginners, we generally suggest a 2-3 gram dose (1 teaspoon= 2 grams). Depending on your size, sensitivity and tolerance, your dosage will vary. It is better to take a small dose at first, to prevent nausea. It is also available in capsules, tea bags, and bottled extracts.

What is Kratom taken for?

Kratom he.s reportedly been used effectively for, pain-relief, anxiety and depression, mood-enhancement /energy, insomnia, cough suppression, focus /concentration, and opiate withdrawal aid, among other benefits.

Where does Kratom come from?

Kratom derives from Southeast Asia. Most of it comes from Indonesia, within Indonesia, predominantly the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.