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COVID 19 Update
We Won't Leave You Hangin'...

If or when the government mandates the Kratom Bars to close, we will still facilitate a way for you to get kratom. Please text Cody, Xander or Russell and we'll let you know what the plan is.

Cody: 970.623.1883

Xander: 970.773.1055

Russ: 970.234.9589

Recreational, Medicinal, Organic

At the Kratom Bar of Grand Junction, we offer the highest quality, organic, lab-tested Kratom, shipped directly from Indonesia. With an expanding selection of Kratom varieties, we're certain to have what you're looking for!


Organic, Lab Tested Kratom


Bali, Borneo, Indonesia


Single Servings In-House

Some of Our Pre-Packaged Varieties

Lipht Premium Kratom Malay Capsules

Premium Malay Kratom Herbal Supplement 100% Premium Quality Quantity per Pack :…


Red Devil Kratom Capsules 3 Strains


Naturally Extracted Kratom Cloud


Viva Zen Kratom Shot


Hush Kratom

Hush Kratom strives to bring new and exciting kratom products to market…


Various Kratom Shots & Extracts

Kratom is noted to have benefits in three main areas: physical health,…


two locations serving western colorado

GJ kratom bar

Clifton Kratom Bar